that gets remembered

We have a full range of brand marketing tools at our disposal, but with Panacea, you get just what you need and nothing that you don’t.
Effective planning means you receive the best strategic advice, up front, before any creative work begins. Only when the best course of action has been agreed will we know which elements of our services we will combine to create the results you’re looking for. It could be just one, it might be all of them, but you can trust Panacea to find it.
Strategy and Planning
A mutually agreed brand strategy is critical to the success of any marketing activity. Panacea puts the jargon aside to develop a true understanding of the issues facing your business and a shared ownership of the resulting plan. By rooting our strategies in the real world and using them to guide your campaign, we ensure they’re disciplined, effective and able to deliver maximum commercial benefit.
Brand Audit
You might love your brand or you might not. All that really matters is your customers’ opinion. Panacea works with you to assess a brand’s strengths and weaknesses, to find what makes it different and develop a plan to make sure your market knows who you are and what you do. Brand audits vary in scope and duration, with parameters and costs agreed in advance.
Creative thinking
Nothing gets the pulse racing like pitch perfect creative work. Talk strategy and planning as much as you want – the execution still has to hit the mark. The experience of our studio guarantees a depth of understanding. That’s why our work is always creative, direct and relevant. The Panacea studio is a realistic place, however. Feet stay on the ground and jobs stay on budget.
Panacea Digital brings our no-nonsense approach to the digital world with attractive but accessible design supported by sound planning and architecture. Search marketing, website development, content management systems, online shopping, web optimisation, Flash presentations – all developed to ensure a powerful, holistic approach to your marketing.
Public Relations
Panacea PR specialises in high-impact media relations, intrinsically linked to your other marketing activity. Our team of experienced PR professionals has a proven track record of effective, hard-hitting public relations across the broadest range of sectors. No wonder many of our clients have been with Panacea since its inception.
Panacea regularly undertakes research, both quantitative and qualitative, on behalf of our clients. Our knowledge and understanding of focus groups and personal interviews frequently prove essential to successful brand and marketing strategies. All our research services, including stakeholder research and consumer research, are structured to deliver maximum returns as part of an integrated marketing and branding programme.